Bishopstone C of E Primary School

Computing Questionnaire


 1. Are you a Primary or Secondary level teacher?
 2. How important to you is the provision of computer training for teachers?
 3. What CDP training would you find most helpful for computing?
 4. What time of day would suit you best for attending CPD training?
 5. How much would you consider to be reasonable expenditure for a 2 hour training session?
 6. Which of these areas of study would you find helpful (You may choose more than one)

Scratch Programming

Curriculum Guidance

Assessment Curriculum Guidance

Skills for teaching assistant

Overview of Free Software

SMART board skills

Using Tablets in Class

Virtual Learning Platforms


Core Skills (incl Data Management / Office)

Animation Workshop

Video Editing

Sound Editing

Photo editing

NXT Robots

Voting Kits

Video Conferencing

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